Are you preparing for a move, but don’t know where to start?  We’ve researched, asked our clients and came up with a few great tips from a recent move of our own.

Purge before you move! It’s much easier to do it now than after. As you are packing up, evaluate things and have a donate, give away or throw away pile. Try to throw things away in the weeks before the move, so you don’t have all the extra trash. 

Label, label, labelnot just “Kitchen” more like, “Kitchen-toaster, place mats, dishtowels”. Smaller boxes are easier to handle and move. If renting a truck, book it early and if you are reserving a UHaul, ask them if they have free boxes you can use.

Have an open first box!  This box should have everything important that you need for that first night. For example; Phone charger, clothes, toiletries, shower curtain, towel, and pet supplies.

Have a cleaning box! Keep it readily available for while you are moving from one home to the other. Include paper towels, cleaner, dishwashing soap, magic eraser, ziploc bags and toilet paper. Also, having a simple tool kit can be handy.

Pack the kitchen first!Pack up all kitchen stuff ahead of time and leave the necessities. Clean out your fridge and pantry a week or so before the move. Toss old and expired items. Start eating what you have. It’ll help out this month’s grocery bill & there will be less to move or throw out. Have a cooler ready for moving day for condiments and frozen foods, etc.

Pack up the toy room/guest room now. This keeps your house cleaner during the next few weeks and you can use that room to store packed boxes or if possible, store packed boxes in the garage.

More than one bathroom? Pack it up, clean it and lock everyone out.

Keep your clothes on hangers. Rather than taking the time to remove every piece of clothing in your closet from their hanger just to put it right back up at your new home, keep them as is and use a plastic garbage bag to keep your clothes protected. 

Get rid of any furniturethat you don’t like or that won’t fit in the new house. Tape screws and bolts on the back of the furniture piece in a ziploc bag.

Bed in a box! One of the first things to unpack in your new home is your bedding and setup of your bed.This way after hours of unpacking you can easily crash without having to look through boxes.



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