From November to January, during the holiday season, has been considered the worst time put your home on the market. Most real estate agents tell clients to steer away from listing their homes during the holidays, while others will agree it is probably one of the best times to list.


The thought of selling your home during the winter months may dampen your holiday spirit, but selling during the holidays does have its advantages. Typically those who are looking during the holiday months are more serious and less homes on the market means less competition. Here are 5 tips on how to sell your home during the holidays!


  1. Curb appeal is a MUST

When the trees start to lose their leaves, it is important to maintain the exterior of your home. Bare trees means your home is more exposed, therefore it never hurt to touch up the paint, clean the gutters, and spruce up your yard. Also, keep walkways and porches free of snow, ice, and leaves. Winter typically can do a number on landscaping, so keep photos available for buyers to see how beautiful the landscaping is during spring and summer, because seeing is definitely believing.

2. Deck your halls, BUT do not over do it

The holiday season means holiday decorations, which is typically when homes look their best. Although, you don’t want to over do the decor. Make your home inviting and cozy. Staging your home for the holidays can give potential buyers a vision of what they could do to the home as their own during the holiday season, whether it be for Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas morning. However, avoid religious decor, you don’t want to risk offending a buyer, opt for general fall and winter decor that appeases the eye.


3. Top-notch real estate photos and a video tour

Homebuyers typically start their house hunt from the comfort of their home, especially if the weather outside is frightful. Make a good first impression by having lots of flattering, high quality photos of your home. Even throw in pictures of landscaping in spring/summer, so you can show how the home looks year-round. A video tour can be useful as well, because during the holidays you will get less foot traffic due to weather and family plans. By shooting a video, you can attract buyers who are unable to see in person but can watch the video to get a feel for the home. You can also throw in its best features if you have staged your home for the holidays.


4. Make it cozy, merry, and bright

Make your home inviting during showings by giving buyers a cozy place to indulge in the beauty of your home. Give house hunters a place to escape from the cold; crank up the heat, play the holiday tunes, preheat your oven and provide holiday treats. By making your home feel like home, you are giving buyers the opportunity to spend more time in your home and admire its greatest features.


5. Price to sell

No matter the time of the year, a home that is priced right and ready to sell will bring on the holiday cheer. Buyers during the holiday season are motivated and fierce in their house hunt. Also, there are less homes on the market therefore less competition. Make sure to hire a reliable real estate agent to help in the pricing department but also to help get your home on the market.


Lastly, and just a little tip, relax! The new year is around the corner!