Thanksgiving is the holiday of food, family, and fun. There are so many dishes to make, so many decorations to place, and so much fun to be had. With Thanksgiving vastly approaching this Thursday, the scramble to making it the perfect day has officially begun. Here are 5 tips on how you can make your Thanksgiving the best one yet!


Prep and prepare!

The best way to get ready for the holiday is to get organized. Make sure you have all of your ingredients, tools, pots, and pans ready to make all of your wonderful dishes. Look over all your recipes and see what can be prepared a day ahead or has to be prepared on the day of. It is definitely easier to cook multiple dishes at the same time if you are able to cook them at the same temperature in the oven. Also, a lot of your prepping can be done a day ahead, chop those onions and snap those green beans so you can scratch that off your list!


Self-serve beverages!

A beverage station is the perfect way to allow guests to grab what they want to drink and take some of the pressure off of you, to serve everyone. Set up your beverage station with different drink options (kid friendly and adult friendly), glassware options, and ice, so your guests can grab and go without adding anymore to your already full plate!


Setting the table!

Presentation is key! Your table and decor is sometimes the first impression your guests have when they arrive and trying to create the Thanksgiving ambiance is important. Set the table and decorate the night before the big evening. Create center pieces for your tables and get your table settings placed and ready to be feast upon. If you have children who will be attending, create a “kid zone”, have a fun table cloth they can draw on and create memories, small pick me up snacks they can eat on before dinner is served, and even a fun centerpiece that can make their table engaging.


There is nothing wrong with sticking to tradition!

Had a special pie recipe in your family for decades? Your family has always made the turkey a specific way? There is nothing wrong with sticking to tradition! Thanksgiving is typically all about the classics, the tried-and-true recipes and dishes that have been in your family for years. Plus, most family members will appreciate having those traditional dishes that can bring back so many sweet memories.


Fifth and final tip to doing Thanksgiving like a pro, HAVE FUN!  

Relax, have fun, and live in the spirit of the holiday. Give thanks and be thankful! Enjoy your time with family and friends, indulge in meaningful conversations (leave the politics at home). Laugh a lot, ask for help, and find the gratitude in a busy but deliciously wonderful holiday!